During the course of advising and strategic planning with our clients, we find many of them have marketing-driven needs. We often hear things such as:

  • Our logo is old and doesn’t represent us well anymore.
  • Not enough people know about my business.
  • I am very overwhelmed by social media. Is it right for my business?
  • I haven’t looked at our website in awhile. I know I should revamp it, but I don’t have time.
  • I wonder what our clients think of our customer service. Why do they do business here? Why do they leave us?
  • What is new in marketing that may work well for us?
  • Do I need brochures anymore?/li>
  • How do you do email marketing?
  • How can I turn my marketing efforts into sales?
  • How can I get my name in the paper?
  • What can I do to stand out against my competitors?
  • And much more…

Project assistance & monthly service packages

CAS Co. marketing consulting team can customize a marketing package to fit your business needs. We can help with one-time projects from beginning to end or enrol you in a monthly marketing service package in all of the following areas:

  • Marketing assessment plans
  • Branding, logo and graphic design/li>
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Communications and publications
  • Media and community relations
  • Direct mail
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Sales support
  • Special marketing programs such as client satisfaction and client patronage programs